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How US President's health bill became an epic failure13 h. ago More than 30 minutes into a meeting White House and House leadership officials wanted -- needed -- to be a breakthrough, it was time for everyone to put their cards on the table.

Sources: Trump learned a lesson on dealmaking1 h. 50 min. ago Republican sources close to the White House, aides inside the Trump administration, and GOP congressional staff involved in the health care process appear to agree on one thing: President Donald Trump has received a stinging lesson on dealmaking in Washington.

Analyst: Worst 100 days of any presidency?3 h. 23 min. ago The panel discusses fallout from the House Republican health care bill failure.

Decision day in HK: 0.01% of population choose next leader2 h. 17 min. ago A tiny election committee, drawn mostly from Hong Kong's elite, will choose the city's next leader Sunday, amid planned protests and a large-scale police operation.

1 dead in Las Vegas shooting2 h. 17 min. ago Part of the Las Vegas Strip was shut down Saturday as police investigated a shooting that sent at least one person to the hospital. Police surrounded a bus as they investigated the shooting, Officer Larry Hadfield told CNN. "There is no credible information that there is a second suspect and no other victims have been located, " Hadfield ...

Pig-masked burglar hits Vegas jewelry store2 h. 18 min. ago At least three well-dressed masked burglars, carrying sledgehammers, smashed their way into a high-end jewelry store early Saturday at one of Las Vegas' most luxurious hotels.

Trump Becomes Ensnared in Fiery G.O.P. Civil War7 h. 3 min. ago The health bill’s defeat leaves the president facing a wrenching choice: ceding power to his party’s anti-establishment wing, or seeking other pathways to successful governing.

Paul Ryan Emerges From Health Care Defeat Badly Damaged6 h. 50 min. ago He is now tasked with defending not just his leadership abilities but his very brand of conservatism in a party fitfully searching for a coherent policy identity.

News Analysis: Trump’s Biggest Obstacle to Policy Goals? His Own Missteps13 h. 6 min. ago A litany of stumbles and controversies has dented the president’s “I alone can fix it” vow to remake government with businesslike efficiency.

Health Bill’s Failure Leaves Supporters in a Political Jam Back Home9 h. 15 min. ago In running for re-election next year, some Republican lawmakers may have to defend their support for a politically explosive bill that many backed only reluctantly.

Renegotiate Nafta? Mexicans Say Get On With It13 h. 42 min. ago Uncertainty over the trade deal is hitting the country hard, pinching off foreign investment and lowering growth expectations.

U.S.-Led Coalition Confirms Strikes Hit Mosul Site Where Civilians Died10 h. 48 min. ago The Pentagon had acknowledged on Friday that it was investigating reports that its airstrikes had caused deaths in Mosul.

RELIGIOUS BIAS? Fired Muslim cop sues over alleged harassment3 h. 22 min. ago

POLITICS OVER POLICY? Divided GOP makes dismantling ObamaCare just a campaign promise3 h. 22 min. ago

'THREE-RING CIRCUS' Ivanka's neighbors irked by security, parking, garbage3 h. 22 min. ago

'MOST RACIST CITY' SNL star won't back down on Boston comments3 h. 22 min. ago

'TUCKER TONIGHT' Carlson, strategist clash over Trump spying claim3 h. 22 min. ago

BREAKING NEWS: US airstrike kills al Qaeda leader responsible for death of American soldiers3 h. 22 min. ago

How Captured CO2 Could Provide The Energy-Storage Solution Everyone Is Looking For1 h. 25 min. ago Scientists in China and the United States are working on a novel way to kill two birds with one stone: using capturing carbon-dioxide pollution for an energy-storage system to back up clean sources like solar and wind.

The Management Of Cybersecurity: Who Owns It And Manages It?1 h. 27 min. ago As part of a series exploring cybersecurity and its impact on consumers, marketers, and marketing. I talked with Holly Rollo, the CMO of RSA, a Dell Technologies business. The following focuses on the “who” related to cybersecurity—who owns it and manages it.

Trump Unlikely To Find Trade Grass Greener2 h. 53 min. ago One lesson of the health bill debacle was that the unpopularity of the status quo does not guarantee a workable coalition in favor of any particular reform. The President is likely to discover that fulfilling his trade promises is just as difficult.

The Real Reasons Behind China's Big Investments In Sri Lanka3 h. 11 min. ago China is setting up outposts in the Indian Ocean as part of Beijing’s broader strategy to secure the passage of Middle East oil through the Strait of Malacca and counter American naval hegemony in the region; and have Sri Lanka pay for it!

The Real Reason Employers Love 'Passive Candidates'4 h. 25 min. ago Why do some employers prefer "passive" candidates over people who are already actively job-hunting?

20 Job Search Questions You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask5 h. 6 min. ago A job search used to be much simpler than it is now! Here are twenty job-search questions you may have wondered about yourself.

London attacker Khalid Masood acted alone, say policeLondon attacker Khalid Masood acted alone, say police5 h. 4 min. ago There is no information or intelligence to suggest further attacks are planned, police say.

Dozens injured in Merseyside explosionDozens injured in Merseyside explosion1 h. 38 min. ago Two people are seriously injured and 32 others are taken to hospital following a suspected gas explosion on Merseyside.

Douglas Carswell quitting UKIP to become independent MP for ClactonDouglas Carswell quitting UKIP to become independent MP for Clacton10 h. 38 min. ago The party's only MP says he is quitting to become an independent and says he is doing so "amicably".

Cheryl and Liam announce birth of baby boyCheryl and Liam announce birth of baby boy7 h. 44 min. ago Former X Factor judge Cheryl says her baby boy is "looking like a dream" and "stealing hearts".

Impact crater linked to Martian tsunamisImpact crater linked to Martian tsunamis4 h. 4 min. ago Scientists locate the source of powerful tsunamis that swept across Mars three billion years ago.

Boy, 17, dies after amateur boxing match in DerbyshireBoy, 17, dies after amateur boxing match in Derbyshire11 h. 54 min. ago The boy collapsed in the ring at a boxing tournament and died when he arrived at hospital.

Who is to blame for the failure of the health-care overhaul? The finger-pointing begins.Who is to blame for the failure of the health-care overhaul? The finger-pointing begins.736811 d. 7 h. 58 min. ago Some Republicans blamed House Speaker Paul Ryan. Some blamed President Trump. Some blamed the Freedom Caucus. They all now face pressure to achieve successes together.

Trump asks his supporters to watch Fox News host who calls on Ryan to step down736811 d. 7 h. 58 min. ago

U.S. military says it launched strike against ISIS that allegedly killed more than 100 civiliansU.S. military says it launched strike against ISIS that allegedly killed more than 100 civilians736811 d. 7 h. 58 min. ago Previously, the coalition had said officials were unsure whether the U.S. conducted air attacks targeting the site in Mosul al-Jadida, where Iraqi officials say they have pulled at least 60 bodies from one building.

U.S. airstrike kills al-Qaeda leader responsible for deaths of two Americans, Pentagon says736811 d. 7 h. 58 min. ago

Health-bill failure imperils Trump’s congressional agenda736811 d. 7 h. 58 min. ago The stunning collapse of the Republican proposal leaves few prospects for the president to score a quick victory on tax reform, construction projects or a host of other issues despite complete GOP control of government.

The Take: President confronts lessons of the health-care debacle736811 d. 7 h. 58 min. ago

MoD to scrap system which provides soldiers with letters 
	MoD to scrap system which provides soldiers with letters
      1 h. 53 min. ago Veterans, military families and former top brass including Colonel Richard Kemp (pictured) have all voiced their fury at the MoD over its ‘shortsighted’ proposal.

Tourists say policeman ushered them in Westminster gates 
	Tourists say policeman ushered them in Westminster gates
      2 h. 14 min. ago Dr Morris’s wife, Jilan Liu, and Zoe had seen PC Keith Palmer stabbed to death right in front of them from INSIDE the Commons gates.

Police say London terror attacker DID act alone 
	Police say London terror attacker DID act alone
      2 h. 24 min. ago Officers investigating the London terror attack have said they believe Khalid Masood was acting alone when he carried out the attacks on the capital on Wednesday and they may never know his motives.

London sees car mow down revellers in Islington 
	London sees car mow down revellers in Islington
      2 h. 25 min. ago Four pedestrians have been injured after a driver ploughed into them on a busty road in North London. Police have arrested one man but believe the incident was not terror related.

Feminism was BAD for two-thirds of woman, says FAY WELDON 
	Feminism was BAD for two-thirds of woman, says FAY WELDON
      2 h. 39 min. ago Weldon, 85, says the feminist revolution had adverse implications by ‘halving the male wage, so it no longer supported a family.’

Global landmarks plunged into darkness for Earth Hour 
	Global landmarks plunged into darkness for Earth Hour
      2 h. 45 min. ago Many of the world's most famous landmarks including Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower were plunged into darkness to mark Earth Hour, a global campaign to highlight climate change.

Trump tastes failure as U.S. House healthcare bill collapses8 h. 16 min. ago WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump suffered a stunning political setback on Friday in a Congress controlled by his own party when Republican leaders pulled legislation to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system, a major 2016 election campaign promise of the president and his allies.

Speaker Ryan dented by healthcare debacle, but keeps support1 d. 4 h. 38 min. ago WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan on Friday acknowledged the unthinkable for a Republican leader: he could not deliver the votes to repeal and replace Obamacare, even though he and his fellow Republicans had vowed to do so for seven years.

With healthcare bill dead, Republicans turn to taxes1 d. 5 h. 59 min. ago WASHINGTON (Reuters) - After failing to repeal Obamacare, Republicans in the U.S. Congress quickly pivoted on Friday to President Donald Trump's next priority: overhauling the federal tax code, but their plan has already split the business community.

Obamacare exploding? Maybe just a slow burn11 h. 57 min. ago NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday that Obamacare was "exploding" after Republican lawmakers shelved legislation that would have dismantled the healthcare law.

For Trump, it was the lost art of the deal1 d. 4 h. 47 min. ago WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In the end, the Closer couldn’t close the deal.

U.S. confirms coalition strike in Mosul district where dozens reported killed8 h. 35 min. ago MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - The U.S. military said on Saturday a U.S.-led coalition strike had hit an Islamic State-held area of Iraq's Mosul where residents and officials say as many as 200 civilians may have been killed as result of an air raid.

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